D'jar i Lothwrend (duh-HAR-eh-loth-REND), or as it is more colloquially known as Lothwrend, The Nine Kingdoms of Lothwrend, or simply, The Nine Kingdoms is a continent on Lorithon. It is a semi-island located between the Summer and the Ádaran seas connected to the mysterious land of Throndoril by the Winter Bridge to the extreme north of the continent.

IMG 4417

The island of Lothwrend. The nine kingdoms are shown in different colors. To the south-west in blue is Tseckett, just to the north-east of that is Black Grass in green, directly to the south in the bay is Baygard in tan, in the middle is the island of Aerodil in brown within the Heart, to the east is Windchest in purple/red, in the north is the peninsula of Stonespire in dark green, just to the south is the large province of Arbror in grey, and to the extreme south is the kingdoms of Mememer and Abyssos in red and purple respectively.

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