Galaxy Designation MTX-1313, MTX-1313, or Brel's Path is a galaxy within the Plane of Reality Airibron. It has no unitary ruler, but the planets within have aligned themselves with the goal of galactic peace by forming Intragalactic United Confederation of Sovereign Systems (ICUSS) (usually pronounced like EYE-cuss) that functions as a galaxy-wide republic. History of the galaxy dates back to a few million years after the formation of Airibron, but legends as to the formation of Brel's Path and the Plane itself differ amongst the native people. Reports and datalogs from within the galaxy suggest that most of the inhabitants don't realize that their galaxy is a Plane amongst an infinity of others. Theories of the multi-verse and of the unlimited dimensions have only stayed theories amongst many of the scientists living here.

The Beginnings of Pre-History. Edit

Amongst the ancient tomes and cobb-webbed databases of lost civilizations, many similarities have been found that concur with creation stories written on cave walls and told from father to son. The most prominent theory of the creation of Brel's Path come from the creation myths of early human tribes on the planet of Renos and old hololog data found in ruined starships of the Elreth